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What will you excel in today?

Sharpen your recall by playing games!

Cardiac Crash

sharpen your knowledge of life threatening cardiac arrhythmias

Brain Battle

excel in the anatomical features of the brain

Reference Range

hone your understanding & recall of the 50 most common lab tests


get a clear picture of the most common fractures

Renal Battle

bulk up on the features of kidneys & nephrons

Our Test Results

We took our games to the classroom & here are the amazing results:

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Time Saver

Accelerate your understanding of the dense & technical with concise & easy to follow materials. Eliminate the tedious grind of flashcards with entertaining games designed to propel your retention. The MedEd Suite App is an on-the go library of innovative resources, always ready when you need it.

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This one-of-a-kind app is highly responsive, frictionless & intuitive. Find exactly what you need in seconds. Easily customized to meet educators’ needs.

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MedEd Games helps players learn more in less time while delivering a higher satisfaction level compared to traditional study methods.


MedEd Games donates 13% of profits to scholarships & non-profits of our customer's choosing.

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The MedEd Suite App is the most budget friendly package on the market so you can focus on learning not stressing about costs.

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With the MedEd Suite App, volumes of critical information is always at your fingertips.

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With gaming & learning sciences, The MedEd Suite App turns the technical & difficult into a great time!

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MedEd Gamers can battle it out for top scores & exciting prizes including MedEd swag, scholarships & the Dream Concert GIveaway.


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Are you a student or professional in health care? Are you caught up in a nerve-racking study & work schedule? Wish you had quick & easy tools that could help you feel more confident & prepared?

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We understand that becoming a healthcare professional is hard. Staying one is harder. So, why not make it easier by making it fun?

Yes! The MedEd Suite App also has medical games to quiz you! It is a fun way to practice all that you’ve studied in the form of simple games. To learn more about our medical games, click here.

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Nursing students who are attending nursing schools need to prepare for their exams. We provide comprehensive nursing tutorials that will help you prepare for real-life situations.

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